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Clearwater Lake, also known as the "Gem of the Ozarks", is well known for many of its outdoor activities such as: Fishing, water skiing, swimming and boating. The average summer pool offers 1,630 surface acres to enjoy.

There are four main recreational areas that can be found at the corners of the lake. Bluff View, Piedmont Park, and Webb Creek offer campsites, swim beaches, boat ramps, marinas and playgrounds whereas the Spillway Park offers campsites, a playground and new nature trail.

Water temperatures and conditions of Clearwater Lake vary during the year. From January to

March the mean is 43 degrees. From April through June when crappie fishing is popular due to spawning it rises to about 66 degrees. July - September the average reaches its highest peak at 88 degrees with good bass fishing at night in the deeper waters. The mid fall from October - December it begins dropping to around 55 degrees with the fish feeding in the shallow waters.

A good reason to fish Clearwater is due to the fact that there is no closed season on any species of fish at Clearwater Lake which anglers find appealing for year round sport. The daily limits are as follows: 50 sunfish, 30 crappie, 15 white bass, 10 channel catfish, and 5 flatheads.

Some of the more popular species to fish are: Bluegill & sunfish, catfish, largemouth, white bass, spotted bass, carp, and crappie. Walleye are not found in Clearwater but, below the dam in the Black River they can be found in nice numbers.

Recently the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have been working on high water facilities at all three of the main boat launching areas of Piedmont Park, Bluff View and Webb Creek for better access when the lake is above summer pool.

Here are some of the figures on the recreational aspects of Clearwater Lake that are provided by the Corps of Engineers:

1,630 surface acres
5 million visitor hours
6 developed recreational areas
114 boundary miles
27 shoreline miles
400 campsites
100 picnic sites
9 launch ramps
3 swim areas
6 children play areas
1 courtesy dock
1 group camp area
1 visitor center
37 acre watchable wildlife area
3 nature trails
10 miles hiking trails

If you would like more information please feel free to call or write:

Clearwater Lake Association
P.O. Box 241
Piedmont, MO 63957
(573) 223-4849

Clearwater Bass Association
Alan Lutes
(573) 856-4681 or
Kenny Elrod
(573) 223-7306

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Clearwater Lake Resident Office
Route 3, Box 3559
Piedmont, MO 63957
(573) 223-7777

The "Gem of the Ozarks"