Two brothers, James and William (pictured) Daniel, were the first to hold official land entries for the Piedmont area from August 1853 to 1856. Back then it was not known as Piedmont but as the start of a homestead site known as Danielsville. The brothers were born and raised as farmers and just having fought in the Spanish - American War purchased the property in the hopes of working the land for crops.

Whereas James Daniel's property was suited for farming, William's property was not. Lying along the eastern side of McKenzie Creek most of it was very hilly and marshy. So, William unable to use his property as farmland turned to the business world instead and decided to open up a general store.

As William Daniel's store became established in the area so did the village of Danielsville. Businesses were attracted to the area because the land was inexpensive and because many customers were already there due to the general store.

A school called the Blue Moon Schoolhouse was established and also held the first church services in the area. A post office became official in 1855 along with a stage coach service running from Ironton to Doniphan. For the next four years Danielsville grew at a steady pace and the population reached almost three hundred.

The Daniel Brothers