The City of Piedmont sits in the center of a wide range of tourist attractions and activities. It has been estimated that even our own Clearwater Lake brings 1 million tourists to the area annually. Within a 50-mile radius the following facilities and natural resources attract several million visitors:

The Greater Piedmont Area
Clearwater Lake
Black River
St. Francis River
Sam A. Baker State Park
Mark Twain National Forrest
Wappapello Lake
Fort Benton - Civil War Battle Site
Fort Davidson - Civil War Battle Site
Markham Springs State Park
Current River
Jack's Fork River
Big Springs State Park
Elephant Rocks State Park
Johnson Shut-ins State Park
Big Springs State Park
Alley Springs State Park
Blue Springs

Hunting, fishing, hiking, canoeing, walking or just plain relaxing. Piedmont has many options for even the most active of families. It is obvious that our community is the hub of tourism in this area. Our local economy depends on tourism to stimulate retail business which in turn generates sales taxes.

Recreation Within City Limits...

The City of Piedmont is proud of its parks and recreation facilities. The park system is administered by a City Council appointed board of directors. The board administers an annual budget, supervises all park activities including a summer little league baseball and soccer program. A park commissioner and his staff are directly responsible for the park board.

The City has three baseball fields, tennis courts, sand & badminton court, nature trail and other playground programs. the Clearwater R1 School shares the use of these facilities and assists the parks with financial support and maintenance.

The community also has a nine-hole golf course, The Piedmont Canyon Club, which has a swimming pool and beautiful clubhouse. Many social activities take place at the golf course clubhouse and grounds.


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