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The City of Piedmont has 2 industrial parks. Also available is one existing 12,000 sq. ft. incubator - spec building. In addition, $375,000.00 in pre-approved industrial bonds is available for use in creating jobs. This money can be used for buildings and certain other financial assistance.

The Airport Industrial Park is the older of the two industrial parks in Piedmont. Only 1 lot remains. three industries share this park and use the adjacent airport for business trips and freight.

Our new 110-acre Industrial Park has 11 lots 3-5 acres in size. Six of these lots already have paved roads with water and sewer in place. State Highway 49 fronts this park with the Union Pacific Railroad nearby. The remaining five lots can be quickly connected to utilities and roads. Two of our newest industries already enjoy the benefits available and are creating some 150 new jobs.

The Piedmont Community lies in the heart of an Enterprise Zone, which offers tax abatements and other state benefits. In certain cases, local tax abatements also are available.

Since Wayne County currently has an overall unemployment rate of some 10%, there is an ample labor force available. In addition there are other potential employees available from 3 adjacent counties within a 30-mile radius.

Job training is available at nearby colleges and is funded and supported by the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

The State of Missouri also offers low interest loans and other financial programs designed to assist industry to create jobs.

Our Recovery Efforts...
In 1994 the Piedmont community lost a major industry, the Brown Shoe Company, with a loss of some 500 jobs. Since that time the city has made a concerted effort to recover from this major impact on the local economy.

First, the city quickly bought the 110-acre Industrial Park;

Second, a $350,000.00 bond issue was passed by the voters to construct a new 24,000 sq. ft. building for the first new industry, the Corlair Corporation, to locate in the new park.

Third, the city applied for and received a $240,000 Industrial Infrastructure Grant from the Department of Economic Development. This money was used for water, sewer and roads for the new industrial park.

Fourth, the voters of the city passed two 1/2 cent sales taxes in order to put the city in a financial position to improve its infrastructure to attract new industry. Projects such as street improvements, new sidewalks, storm drains and general clean up of public and private properties have been implemented.

Fifth, the city applied for and received a $600,000.00 Community Development Block Grant from the Department of Economic Development for major improvements to the existing water system.

Sixth, the city began a flood buy-out program, which will remove some 100 private homes and mobile homes located in the McKenzie Creek flood plain which traverses the center of town. Demolition and removal of these buildings will greatly improve the looks and attractiveness of our community. The vacant lots will become greenways for public use.

Seventh, in conjunction with the flood buy-out the city applied for and received a $330,000.00 Community Development Block Grant for the purpose of developing a new housing subdivision. Thirty new homes will be built in order to improve the quality and availability of housing in our community.

Eighth, the city's most recent grant of $158,000.00 is being used to improve the infrastructure in the new industrial park in order to assist two existing industries in creating 40 new jobs.

All of the above projects have been undertaken since the Brown Shoe Plant closing in 1994. Each move was aimed at improving the overall community in order to attract new jobs and tourism.