Private Parks...

Beaver Springs Campground
Greg and Emily Silvester
Hwy HH
Piedmont, MO 63957
(573) 223-4217

Kemper's Hideaway Camping
Larry Drennen
Route 3, Box 3641
Piedmont, MO 63957
(573) 223-7324 

State Parks...

Sam A. Baker State Park
Route 1, Box 114
Patterson, MO 63956
(573) 856-4411
(573) 856-4423

Sam A. Baker State Park was founded in 1926 to honor the Governor of Missouri, Samuel Aaron Baker. The park consists of 5,164 acres of the St. Francis Mountains. It is in the top 10 parks of Missouri and has been listed in the book of "One Hundred Favorite Parks in the United States." Includes: 200 campsites (1/2-electric, 1/2-basic) picnicking, cabins, dining lodge, store, canoeing, rafting, swimming, clear streams, fishing, hiking, backpacking, interpretive programs and a visitor center. Best time to call is between
8 a.m. - 4 p.m..


Federal Parks...

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Parks & Recreational Facilities
Clearwater Lake
James Beard, Operations Project Manager
Rural Route 3, Box 3559D
Piedmont, MO 63957
(573) 223-7777

With over a million visitors each year the Little Rock, Arkansas Corps of Engineers offers a wide variety of facilities which include: All facets of camping, electric hookups, boat ramps, pavilions, swim beaches, playgrounds, amphitheatres, gazebo's and nature trails. The following contains information on these sites:

Bluff View Area
Highway K
Piedmont Park
River Right Bank
River Road L. Bank
Thurman Point
Webb Creek Area

(for more information of the campgrounds at Clearwater Lake visit their website at:

Parks & Recreation