M      E      M      B      E      R
Piedmont was platted in 1871 when the railroad was extended to that point. The community derives its name from the French pied and mont, meaning "foot" and "mountain" respectively. A post office called Piedmont has been in operation since 1872.
Piedmont is located at
37°9’14”N 90°41’45”W
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Visitors, tourists, and outdoorsmen think of Piedmont and the
surrounding area as remaining remarkably beautiful and
surprisingly 'pristine' in many ways. As our modern world
continues to be more and more developed, our area can still
boast of miles and miles of trees, clear streams and rivers,
beautiful lakes, fresh air and solitude. Our woods and waters
are brimming with wild game and fish; the songs of birds and
natural sounds are our common pleasures.

Blending into this setting is the City of Piedmont and surrounding
community. Modern conveniences are available but work in
harmony with our natural surroundings. The city offers 2 industrial
parks with 3 major industries thriving within them. Tourism and
many other small businesses form the backbone of our local
economy. There are several antique shops, craft stores and flea markets. Some people are even surprised to learn that Piedmont has one (count it) Traffic Stop Light.

Here at home, Clearwater Lake is one of Missouri’s most popular fishing and recreation lakes. From the air it sparkles like an emerald jewel nestling in a colorful Ozark setting.

Within easy driving distance is Sam A. Baker State Park, Wappapello Lake, St. Francis and Black Rivers. A few miles to our west is the Ozark Natural Scenic River ways, the home of two of the most popular float streams in America...The Current and Jacks Fork Rivers.

Our community also boasts of an active Chamber of Commerce reflecting a positive, progressive attitude. Chamber activities include sponsoring several annual events and providing leadership with economic development and overall community improvements.

The City of Piedmont is making giant strides in community improvements. Over the past 5 years, 6 grants have been received and are being implemented improving our water system, housing, safety, streets, airport, sidewalks, a flood buy-out program, and various other capital improvements.

If you are looking for a community to start or relocate your business, for retirement or for seasonal pleasures, Piedmont can be your choice to work...to play...to relax...to raise your family.