Alpha Delta Kappa
Amanda Hovis
(573) 856-4302
Founded in Wayne and Iron counties on December 15, 1963. Alpha Delta Kappa is an organization for women educators whose purposes are to recognize outstanding educators, build fraternal fellowship among women teachers, promote high standards of education, promote education and charitable projects and activities, sponsor scholarships and contribute to world understanding, goodwill and peace.
International Altruistic Projects: Pediatric Aids Foundation; St. Jude's Children Hospital. State Altruistic Projects: Boys Town of Missouri; College of the Ozarks.
Clearwater Parents As Teachers (PAT)
Terri Hackworth
825 N. Main Piedmont, MO 63957
(573) 223-4812
Parents As Teachers was started in 1978 as a pilot program adjunct to the Clearwater School District and funded by the school until 1981. This is a free service program from 8:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. each day offered to children 0-5 years and for working or non-working parents who live in the Clearwater School District. Currently, there are three employees at PAT and they offer a large lending library selection of toys, books, games, puzzles, videos and parental resources
Wayne County Girl Scouts
(Serving girls in all of Wayne County)
Jackie Sloan, Wayne County Service Unit Manager (573) 856-4007
Carla Jensen, Girl Scouts of Otahki Council, Membership Specialist
(573) 663-2708
Piedmont Cub Scouts
Robert Burns
573 223-2757
Clubs For Kids And Parents
Wayne County Livestock Producers
Deborah Swinford
(573) 856-4862

Wayne County 4-H
Pam Crass
(573) 224-3035

Wayne County Farm Bureau
Matt Graham
(573) 856-4322

Wayne County Saddle Club
Pam Umfleet
(573) 223-7990
American Cancer Society
Sally Elrod
(573) 223-7306

Clearwater Bass Association
Kenny Elrod
(573) 223-7306

Clearwater Coon Hunters
Dan Petrie
Route 1
Patterson, Missouri 63956
(573) 856-4589

Clearwater Cruisers Car Club
(No contact information available)

Clearwater Lake Association
Dave Zaloz
(573) 223-4849

Daughters of the American Revolution
Judy Mahal
(573) 223-7460
Eastern Star
Claudia White
(573) 223-7284

Masonic Lodge
Doug Johnson
(573) 223-3746

Piedmont Bowling Association
(No contact information available)

Pro Carp Association
Earl Rayfield
(573) 598-4633

Wayne County Amateur Radio Club
Donnie Allen
(573) 223-2893

Wayne County Saddle Club
Pam Umfleet
573 223-7990
Social Groups
Not-For-Profit Groups and Organizations
(573) 223-7431

American Legion
Nick Fliter
(573) 856-4969

Clearwater Ministerial Alliance
Gary Rhodes, Pastor
Piedmont Church of the Nazarene
(573) 223-7500

Piedmont Eagles
(573 223-7177

Wayne County Extension Council
Pam Crass
(573) 224-3035
Clearwater Lake Association
Dave Zaloz, President
(573) 223-4849

Promotes the Clearwater Lake area tourism effort by providing an annual Clearwater Lake Guidebook listing informative insights to our various outdoor activities.

Piedmont Area Chamber of Commerce
David Bollinger
215 S. Main Street Piedmont, MO 63957
(573) 223-4046
(800) 818-4046

Our largest local organization. Enhances and promotes the business in the area as well as the community. Hosts some of the largest events in the area such as: The Ozark Heritage Festival; Santa Days & Country Christmas Parade; and the Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration.

Piedmont Industrial Development Board
Dennis Fowler
(573) 223-7716

Wayne County Industrial Development Authority
Harold Ellinghouse
(573) 223-7122
Piedmont Lions Club
Dawna Keel
(573) 223-4000
Since 1952, the Piedmont Lions Club has served the community by providing eye care/glasses and treatment along with hearing care assistance for those in the area who cannot afford to provide for themselves. The club is charitable foundation with its own 501(c3) tax exempt code.

Piedmont Rotary Club
Bob Kushner
(573) 223-4493

S.E.E., Inc. Services for Extended Employment
Alma Griffith, Manager
(573) 223-7705

Wayne County Emergency Management
Eric Fuch, Director
(573) 224-3218 Office     (573) 998-2451 Home
Wayne County Historical Society
Linda Lunyou
P.O. Box 222 Piedmont, MO 63957
(573) 223-7130
Founded to preserve the history of the area, this organization has over 100 members. Their goal is to preserve the past and preserve history of Wayne County through information on genealogy, cemeteries, books, pictures, documents and other informative measures. The WCHS restored the Aunt Beck May Home, a historical two story log house which is now located in Piedmont and pictured above.  The house is open each year for the Ozark Heritage Festival for people to tour.  Anyone wishing to tour at other times may call and make appointments.  They also have the Payton Memorial Genealogy Library and Museum located at Patterson in the old school building which is open to the public every 2nd Saturday of the month from 1-4 p.m. during the summer, usually March thru October.  The Historical Society has also purchased the old Civil War fort called Ft. Benton located at Patterson.  The WCHS also welcomes donations of money, antiques or any other items and have the 501 C-3 tax number so all donations are tax deductible. Their motto is "Those who preserve history are just as important as those who made it".
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